Aviation Job offers - Ref. 202002001 25 February 2020

A139 Captains for Marine SAR

Salary : attractive
Location : Kazakhstan
Contract : Local permanent contract
rotation 6/6
Required documents
Word CV
Medical Class 1
Color passport
Pilot licence
3 last pages of logbook
Logbook summary page
LPC sim sheet
OPC sim sheet
type rating diploma
Cover letter
Hoist certificate

Job offer description

AeroConsulting currently looking for two A139 Captains for permanent positions based in Central Asia for off-shore and Search and Rescue flights (Marine SAR). Significative off-shore + Marine SAR & hoist experience is mandatory.
Permanent contract:
Rotation 6/6, one day off per week, 80 hours of flight maximum per month, housed at the hotel (good standard) in single room in downtown, equivalent to $40 per day paid in local currency only when on site for daily allowances. Travel and return ticket in Eco class supported by the company for each rotation.
Attractive net salary paid in local currency on an individual account, with easy transfer with Europe. The salary is increased each year depending seniority . Salary grid according to experience, the position and seniority.

Required skills

To be considered for this position you must be current A139 + IR and :
  • ATPL H (EASA only)
  • Medical class 1,
  • 3000 hrs TT of flight min,
  • 1500 hrs  in command
  • 1200 hrs in command multi-Engine
  • 100 hrs on A/AW139
  • Checks valid (LPC, OPC), simulator
HUET up to date at hiring.
Off-shore + Hoist and SAR experience with certificate from employer or from training center. For ex-military, a proof of pilot position in Marine SAR unit is accepted.